What Obama Must Do : Rolling Stone

I’ve become a rabid fan of Paul Krugman in the last six months. What’s not to like: he’s an economist who knows what he’s talking about; he a liberal; he has a Nobel Prize.

He wrote a must-read open letter to incoming President Obama (can we drop that useless “elect” modifier yet?!) for Rolling Stone (the print version – an easier, one-page read is here: http://tinyurl.com/6t6uzf)

You might want to be sitting down when you read it….

I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Krugman: President Obama should first rescue the economy – by ensuring that banks which receive bailout money have a Federal mandate to lend that money to consumers and small businesses– and then he should usher in the era of a universal healthcare system.

I wish I could elaborate or expound upon these points, but I really can’t. First, I believe Mr. Krugman explains it better than I could, so I defer to his fine text (it’s not a short piece, but worth the read). Second, I haven’t the time – since, in the middle of my twentieth consecutive month of unemployment, I must prioritize my morning and get moving on job application #198 … (no kidding, I’ve been keeping count).

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