Sorry for the cross-post, but for those of you who are unaware, I do violence prevention work – have for the past eighteen years as a matter of fact – with Men Stopping Rape, Inc.; I recently put my multi-media chops to work putting together the inaugural video podcast, and it’s now up online:


It’s a brief (6 min) post that just gives an introduction to MSR, an idea of our approach to violence prevention, and a look ahead to some of the topics I intend to be discussing.

Right now it’s merely embedded video, courtesy of YouTube. I’m trying to carve out some time to figure out the XML and RSS hoops I have to jump through to get it on the iTunes Store. If anyone has any pointers, links, that could expedite that process, by all means pass them along!

with Maureen, PR reading, Somerville, Oct. 2008

with Maureen, PR readthru, Somerville, Oct. 2008

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Update: the writing process continues, but got a much needed boost this past week; Bryan and I conspired with various friends in two cities, and thanks to my pre-planned “vacation” (can you really call it that when you’ve been unemployed as long as I have?), we met up with folks in NYC and in Boston to read through our work in progress.

Much thanks to those friends who came out to help us out, giving up free time on Thursday and Sunday night, as well as giving their thoughts, insights, and spot-on criticism and critique; we came away with much grist for the mill, and have begun the arduous, but fun, task of putting this fresh perspective into play in the 2nd draft.