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Despite his better intentions to not succumb to the cultural pressure to join the blog-erati, my long time friend, Bryan Reesman, has finally made the leap and installed a WordPress adjunct to his site.

Bry has been a freelance writer for over fifteen years, covering everything from heavy-metal, ambient, industrial, and techno music, to movies, Japanese anime, Hollywood, Broadway, and pop culture celebrities. Not everything he’s captured on tape or put to paper (or hard disc, really) over the years has seen the light of day; after all, writers are the foot-soldiers, but editors really hold the final say over what readers’ eyes see. That’s why it’s so exciting that he’s finally launching a blog where he intends to share some of this other-wise edited content.

Well, it’s not exciting for me; I’ve been privy to his work since we’ve first met in (gulp) 1982, and it’s been my pleasure to watch him grow as a writer and build his career. But it’s exciting for the rest of the world who might finally get a chance to hear what’s been hiding in that head of his for so long…

His first post, “Into the Wild Blog Yonder”, can be read at:

Attention Deficit Delirium – Exploring a plethora of pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Another #$*%&!^ blog…

  1. Hi,
    incidentally, I watched the video made on about that beard, mustache trimmer and I couldn’t help myself but to think that you’re a bit obsessed with yourself man. “I do the best I can with what I have ” really? do you have to ? Anyway, I hope you shake off that unnecessary pressure and reach out to more people instead.

  2. Nima,

    well, thanks for the visit and the view; “do you have to?” – why, yes, I do… have to be sarcastic, that is… perhaps my humor hasn’t made the leap to the video format; I’ll work on that…

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