Ye Olde Neighborhood Bike Shop…

Among the ways I try to do my part to cut back on oil-driven emissions and pollution, when the weather turns fair enough, I try to use my bike – a trusty old Diamond Back hybrid purchased in 1992(!) – as much as possible.

So, when it came to pass that my ride needed new pedals, how stoked was I to find a new(ish), independently run bike shop right in my own neighborhood. Old Town Cycles [] at 920 East Johnson Street is helmed by Joshua, and not only is he knowledgeable and friendly, but thrifty as well; within a few minutes I had new pedals, properly inflated tires, and an over-all assessment of the state of my bike (ie: there are definitely a few part replacements in its future; not surprising given the bike’s age and mileage). All of this at a very reasonable rate which did not break my (very thin-stretched) bank.

In this day and age of economic turmoil, one hopes that it’s not lost that one of the best powers we, the individual consumers, can wield is to give support in the form of business (and praise where it’s due) to small business owners. If you’re Madison-based  and a bi-ped who likes the feel of wind in your face, give yourself a treat and get that bike in tune for the spring and summer (and if you’re really insane, fall and winter). Old Town Cycles, highly recommended.

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