Figure 8’s, Donuts – Dec 2008

Figure 8’s, Donuts – Dec 2008

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Well, Mad Town is getting hit with some substantial snowfall; on the way home from Aikido tonight, I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the empty parking lot at the old Fyfe’s Corner Bistro to do some hazard driving practice; figure eights, donuts, fishtails…

I drove home, grabbed my camera and walked back to snap some shots; these really don’t do it justice – it’s that fun you experience as a kid when you turn a flat, white surface covered with new-fallen snow as a canvas and “paint” something on it.

I wish the weather allowed for some better shots, but I already thought I was risking my Canon PowerShot keeping it out in the cold, wet air. Also, the snow is falling so fast, I suspect the tire marks I etched there will be long gone by the time morning brings better lighting…

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  1. I did the same thing tonight driving home from the gym, without the parking lot or the photos… just east dane county back roads. I love having four wheel drive… and this weather.

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